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Free Website Optimization Tips and Techniques For Google, Yahoo and Bing


SEO Internet marketing agency Irbtrax provides free tips and techniques for optimizing your website for higher conversions and better ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Which includes Google Caffeine's Instant Predictive user search option. Each of these techniques, when properly applied, have demonstrated success in increasing page rank and visitor conversions.

The following free tips are being provided by Irbtrax SEO Internet marketing and are matched to five key ranking and conversion factors based on research. To view additional information, or directly inquire about potential optimization solutions, see the website displayed in the window below.


- Website content should be relevant to a site's theme, products or services. Minimize or avoid content that doesn’t relate to the businesses niche. Unnecessary and unrelated information can be distracting. Find the right balance of content. Too much content can be overwhelming to your visitors decision making process. Too little content can cause your visitors to seek their answers elsewhere.

- Include clear and concise content that answers the questions first time visitors are known to ask. Questions such as what a company does and how it does it better. This information should be incorporated in the website's landing page. The failure to address these key questions can cause visitors to exit and seek their answers from the competition.


- SEO optimize website content. Website pages that are optimized for both Search Engines and visitors can increase long tail ranking and improve conversions. Add relevant content that represents 'authority'. Authority is very important to the major Search Engines. Authority is represented through content that educates, provides resources or entertains. Relevancy and authority will not only help improve page rank it will increase visitor time on site resulting in more leads or sales.

- Incorporate subtle selling points or qualified benefit when applicable. An example of a selling point would be an offer or guarantee. An example of a qualified benefit would be an average return on investment or actual results produced. Information that offers promises without results that support it will be perceived as an empty promise.


- Update key website content as often as possible. Updated content reflects a site that's active. Website visitors and Search Engines take notice of this activity. If a site has a highly visible Blog and the last entry is two months old it will appear as if the business is being neglected. A neglected website does not yield a good first impression. Additionally your potential clients search trends change so it's important to monitor them and change content to capitalize on this. This can help prevent potential new business from visiting the competition if they don’t find the answers their searching for.


- Optimize your Meta Title and Description Tags (MTDT) using your most important keywords in a manner that doesn’t read like keyword "stuffing". Google places considerable emphasis on MTDT to help with search relevancy and accuracy of site indexing. Clear, concise, and informative Meta Tags that are consistent with the content contained on the site have shown to help produce higher pagerank and better click-through rates.


- Analyze page download rates. Google is pushing the need for speed and has made page download rate an official ranking factor, and for a good reason. Slow loading websites frustrate visitors. Frustrated visitors look elsewhere for their needs. Resulting in a poor conversion rates, reduced traffic and lost leads. Some factors that impede site speed include numerous advanced flash graphics, auto play videos and multiple high resolution images.

- Go through your navigation choices and make sure they are labeled clearly and easy to locate. A visitor should always be able to find their way 'home' and each key page such as contact information or services provided should be accessible without using a site map.


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