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Internet Marketing SEO Tips & Strategies For Compare Credit Card Processing Rates Companies


Comparing credit card company processing rates and Internet marketing tips and strategies. Might seem like an unusual headline but there's a reason it was chosen. It was chosen because this is a highly competitive field. A mix of large companies, several of which are Fortune 500, and smaller start ups seeking to gain market share. The goal of this article is to provide free SEO Internet marketing tips and strategies particularly for the ambitious start ups, like this one that really got my attention aptly named FeeFighters. Because if these tips and strategies can prove effective for a start up in a competitive field like the credit card processing industry, then they will be equally beneficial for any company in the business to business market.

These free SEO Internet marketing tips and strategies are being provided by Irbtrax SEO Internet marketing and keyword market research. For additional information, or to contact me, see the resource website in the window below this article.

Website optimization and traffic conversion tips:

Niche- Business to Business.

- Introduce some basic flash, but not so much it's going to consume loads of bandwidth and mobile visitors will be watching their browsers spin like a commercial clothes dryer.

- Color contrast. Everyone has different opinions so it's always safe to stay with three or four primary colors. Including background and shading. Too many colors can distract from the main selling points or cause the need for sun glasses.

- Add a short introduction paragraph that contains strong selling points. Perhaps using highlights from your existing testimonials. Example - "Would you like to save 50% on your credit card processing fees and do it effortlessly?"

- If you have a Blog section and it’s too long offer an introduction paragraph and then have the rest open in a new window. For authority provide an updated 'In the News' section using a more original header.

Primary Meta Title and Description tag:

Title: 60 Compare Credit Card Processing Companies Rates | Company X

Description: 146 Comparing credit card processors is the best way to make sure you are getting a good deal. Compare processors quickly and easily with Company X.

On quick examination there’s 49 million search results and a lot of PPC competition for 'compare credit card processing rates'. And a similar number when you replace the keyword 'rates' with 'companies'. Best to also optimize for long tail initially and dramatically increase online visibility. Would also recommend keyword enhanced URL’s that target specific niches. Which brings us to the below:

Internet marketing

- Use affordable and effective SEO enhanced press releases and articles. Especially articles and releases that are based on the concept of 'real time' marketing. If interested in learning more you can contact me here.

- Create an existing client referral system. Which would later be enhanced for affiliate marketing.

- Create an e-Letter client contact program sent out monthly that contains special offers and referral incentives. Share success stories and cost saving tips. Use the same template.

- Develop mutually beneficial strategic business alliances with companies that offer similar but non competing services. A strategy referred to as Value Added Marketing.

For more information on SEO Internet marketing, or to contact Irbtrax to inquire about our affordable results proven methods, see the resource website in the window below.


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