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Avatar Movie Brings Success to Small Website to Create Your Own Avatar

The developer of Create My Picture has been grateful of the hit movie Avatar which was produced by James Cameron. The release of the hit movie at the beginning of the year has brought success to Create My Picture free avatar creator website.

Andrew Bailey who runs the relatively small website said:

'Since the movie avatar has been released we have seen a huge influx of visitors'. It seems the hit movie has put the name on the map and our website has seen many thousands of people visit daily in search of avatar related words.

Create My Picture is a flash based free avatar maker, it has a unique look and approach. Its always been popular by its users but since the beginning of the year its users has seen a massive increase.

This time last year the word 'avatar' was relatively unknown in comparison to now. Create My Picture website has been live online way before the film was even thought of. It just shows what an effect a huge film like that can have on a single relatively small website.

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