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Create your own Cartoon Character - Cartoon Yourself Online

To create your own cartoon character you first need a good means to cartoon yourself online. There are many website that offer a 'cartoon yourself' service but not many live up to their expectations.

Two of the best ways to cartoon yourself is Create My Picture and Make Wii. Both are powered by a Flash application which produces smooth flowing graphics which create a unique fresh look.

If you are after something a bit different, MakeWee creates a Mii, Nintendo Wii replica character of yourself which you can customize and save for use online. One thing is for sure, it will get the attention of your friends or family who see it..

Create My Picture is great way to cartoon yourself, it produces a smooth looking unique avatar which stands out from the crowd and gives a good WOW factor.

Cartooning yourself online seems the latest craze to stand out and look a little different. Many also prefer to use a cartoon of themselves online as apposed to a real photo- People often feel at ease with a cartoon of yourself.

Cartoon yourself at Create My Picture

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