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Funny Internet Cell Phone Track Prank Spreads on Twitter and Facebook

A very amusing Internet prank has spread across Twitter and Facebook. Members are 'tweeting' the very official looking mobile cell phone tracker website to followers to hopefully catch each other out. The prank has also been sent via email to friends and families around the world.

The 'free cell phone tracker' claims to pin-point any searched cell phone on video map revealing the whereabouts of anyone anywhere in the world by satellite GPS. People have been tweeting statements like: 'This caught my cheating wife' etc.

If you search the 'mobile phone tracker' you will find some very interesting results. We did not want to spoil the prank by revealing it but its very amusing- We will leave it upto you to check out at www.mobilelocate.net.

Its also getting quite popular on Facebook too. It has reached nearly 1000 fans on its Facebook fan page. With April fools day looming up it would be a great Internet prank to send anyone.

You can visit the website here: Free Mobile Phone Tracker


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Last Updated ( Monday, 15 March 2010 10:23 )  

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