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Internet Marketer Discovers New Indie Rock Bands Music Releases on MySpace Music

Through Myspace Music a new band has been gaining great Internet visibility. The Indie/rock band caught the attention of an Internet marketer who listened to their new music releases on MySpace music - Since then the band has gained extra promotion and help to gain better Internet visibility.

Rock band Tyro have been together since late 2008. They have been touring locally in the UK and have gathered quite a big local following. They have used Myspace Music as their primary means to upload their latest new music releases.

Internet marketer Andrew Braithwaite first heard Tyro at a local function where he was impressed by their live performance. As a fan of rock music he was instantly hooked but only got the chance to listen to one track via a live performance.

Once he got home Andrew decided to search for Tyro and managed to discover them on MySpace music where he could listen to much clearer studio releases where he was even more impressed.

Tyro are a collection of 5 band members who play kind of a punchy rock combination of hard and soft beats mixed into one, their music is diverse swinging from mid range rock into slow flowing tunes.

Andrew who is director of release-news.com and Jazzou said that one of the most impressive parts to Tyro is that just like U2 and some of the other greats they adopt their own sound which can be recognised throughout each song.

Tyro have since received promotion on the Internet unrivalled to any other new band, in times when the Internet is a place used by millions everyday its a great new means and way to get noticed.

Andrew who runs his own Internet marketing company has developed over 20 websites including release-news.com a growing press distribution website. Also managing on going projects for businesses has experience in affiliate marketing, Google AdWords, Flash. He is also a press release expert and has featured thousands of stories in Google News.

Using press releases about Tyro and his good knowledge of Internet marketing he has managed to drive massive amounts of hits to the bands MySpace Music page. He has Also has given them a great head start on the Internet and even got them recognised by large companies in the music industry.

Tyro are due to play one of their biggest gigs to date at the Live and Unsigned final in the famous O2 arena in London. If they win this it guarantees them a recording contract and huge visibility. This competition has given Tyro a great chance in the music industry.

Listen to Tyro here: http://www.myspace.com/wearetyro


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