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Make Funny Cool Avatars Free at Create My Picture

It has become a new trend to make avatars to use on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Instead of just a plain old boring photo, if you create a funny avatar it will instantly grab the attention of your friends and stand out.

The question is, where are the best avatar makers online? Well there are a lot to choose from, some are pretty cool but a lot are much to be desired for. When looking for a good avatar maker you need one that is easy to use and creates a quality graphic.

One of the best avatar makers which produce funny and cool avatars is called Create My Picture. Its easy to make, clear and produces some of the best looking graphics. You would be hard pressed to find a more unique avatar maker and they really stand out from the crowd.

With Create My Picture you can customize many features to suit your style of character. Powered by an Adobe Flash application it gives smooth flowing graphics which you would struggle to find elsewhere.

To save your avatar the best way is to use the 'print screen' button on your keyboard as at times the email function does not always work. Once you have pressed 'print screen' you can paste it into a simple program like Microsoft paint where you can crop down and save.

Another avatar maker which works similar is one called www.makewee.com where you can create Mii lookalike cartoon characters.

Cartoon yourself at Create My Picture

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 25 May 2010 06:18 )  

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