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Make Your Own Avatar - Build Cool Avatars Free Online

To make your own avatar you first need a quality avatar maker, there are many online but some aren't too great. The best way to build cool avatars is by using one of the Flash designed avatar makers which can be found on the Internet.

Create My Picture is a great little avatar maker which produces nifty cool avatars of yourself which can be customized in many different ways. No doubt you have probably seen these unique looking avatars on forums, social media websites and more.

It seems it has become cool and funky to produce cartoon avatars of yourself to use as display pictures online. Many people prefer this as a means of displaying their identity online.

Another contributor to the rise of the popularity of avatars is the hit Hollywood film 'Avatar'. Although its slightly different in relevance it has brought the general term 'Avatar' into everyday speech. This time last year the word would be less known but to only a few computer geeks.

At Create My Picture you can create a fully customizable avatar cartoon look-alike of your face by selecting the different options. Avatars from the website application has featured in many educational graphic design projects and has been re-printed on many high authority websites.

You can be the first to discover and impress your friends by creating an avatar today. To save your avatar don't forget to hit 'print screen' on your keyboard, open paint and 'paste' where you can crop and save your design.

Make your own avatar at Create My Picture


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